How to use GNOME's Hover Click without animation

Desktop systems usually provide an accessibility feature, with which a user only has to hover the cursor over where he wants to click. The click goes off automatically. In GNOME, this feature is called Hover Click.

Not having to press the mouse button makes for a much more pleasurable and efficient experience. Coupled with Sticky Keys, Hover Click has also helped me recover from a hand injury.

The click goes off a few configurable milliseconds after the user positions the cursor. GNOME represents this buffer with an animating circle, which looks pretty but gets in the way, especially if you are trying to course-correct the cursor position.

The option to disable this animation is simple but not straightforward. You need to disable all the animations entirely from Gnome Tweaks:

  1. Open Gnome Tweaks tool
  2. Open General Tab
  3. Turn Animations off
Hover click animation gif demo
This figure illustrates: the annoying animation; how to turn it off; and how the feature operates after disabling the animation