Jayesh Bhoot

Pune, India


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  2. Work Experience
    1. Hillridge Technology
    2. Isotel
    3. A series of freelancing contracts
    4. Indigo Architects (now Maximojo)
  3. Projects
    1. Enforce Browser Fonts
    2. Pin Unpin Tab
    3. Work and Stretch
    4. Pomodoro Timer
    5. Hajj Umra Travel Management
  4. Education
    1. M.Sc. (Information Technology)
    2. B.Sc. (Information Technology)
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I am an independent software developer with 12+ years of experience. I have designed and built complex web frontends, desktop apps, API backends, and utilities.

These days, I work mostly in programming platforms with a robust type system, like, ReasonML, ReScript, OCaml, Scala, F#. These platforms provide a pleasant developer experience, remove an entire class of errors, and also provide structures to cleanly map domain logic to code, enabling non-programmer stakeholders to stay involved in the process.

As a freelance remote developer, positions and roles often become moot. However, my clients have entrusted me with roles ranging from Software Developer, Senior Software Engineer, to Project Manager.

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If my capabilities align with your needs, you can reach out through

Work Experience

  • Hillridge Technology


    • Wrote a CLI application to download, process and stitch climate data

      CLI OCaml
    • As a Project Manager, led the design and implementation of a yield simulation web application

      Web full-stack ReScript React.js
    • Led the design and implementation of the frontend of their flagship weather index insurance product, maintained portions of the backend

      Web full-stack ReScript React.js
    • Collaborated with our partner org to make the app embeddable into their ASP.net-based web app
    • Managed a fork of rescript-tea

    • Implemented a scraper to archive static and dynamic data from climateapp.net.au

  • Isotel



    • Designed and implemented a mobile-friendly web app to interact with multiple IoT gateways, each of which hosted a collection of IoT sensors/devices.

      Web frontendReact/Redux

      Features included

      • summarised cards and detailed view of the state of the IoT devices
      • pause/resume data fetch from specific IoT gateway/device
      • hide specific devices
      • in case same IoT device is connected to several gateways, then data should only be fetched once

      The app also had a screen that could plot a chart with the following characteristics:

      • plot parameter from one or more devices from one or more gateways on a chart for comparison
      • ability to hide on-the-fly one or more plotted parameters, upon which that dataseries should no longer be fetched in background
      • a widget to choose the duration of the chart - one minute, one hour, day, month, year, or realtime.
    • Co-authored an API library to interface with IoT devices

    • Designed and implemented the full stack of an interactive website-cum-webapp that assesses a user's personality type.

      Web full-stackPythonJavaScriptFlask
    • Implemented CLI applications, including an internal timesheet tracker, and a utility to fetch, process and aggregate IoT pricing data from several websites

    • Implemented a plugin based on popcorn.js to embed widgets (buttons, links, text, etc.) in a video to make it interactive to the viewer

  • A series of freelancing contracts


    • Implemented the full stack of a stock market web application.

      Web full-stackAWS DynamoDBAWS S3
    • Implemented a web-based utility for a client, which interfaced with Twilio APIs to automate response calls to their prospective clients. The app included a basic IVR feature.

      Web CLIPython/Flask Twilio
    • A web-based utility to automate Uber booking using Raspberry Pi and Twilio API. In addition to automating the whole booking process, Raspberry Pi plays an alert music to alert the booker when the cab arrives.

      Web CLIPython/Flask Twilio
    • Designed and implemented a desktop application to manage Facebook Pages. The app could be configured to pick and post content (text, image, ad) from a specified folder at a specified time interval, and to get alerts for specified tags.

      Desktop appQt/QML/C++
  • Indigo Architects (now Maximojo)


    Software Developer

    Worked on a product that helped hotels manage their pricing across various booking platforms. I implemented parts of the backend which fetched and updated prices of a hotel on such booking platforms.



  • Enforce Browser Fonts

    Add-on store | GitHub | OCamlMelange/BuckleScriptClojureScript

    A Firefox WebExtension to pin or unpin a tab by pressing left click anywhere on the webpage for a configurable duration; or by a keyboard shortcut; or by a click on the pin icon on browser toolbar.

  • Pin Unpin Tab

    Add-on store | GitHub | OCamlMelange/BuckleScriptClojureScript

    A Firefox WebExtension to toggle between browser and website fonts. It also provides a visual cue to indicate the type of fonts are activated on the current tab.

  • Work and Stretch

    GitHub | OCaml

    A CLI utility to remind you to get up and walk

  • Pomodoro Timer

    GitHub | Qt/QMLBlackberry10

    Designed, implemented and published a pomodoro app for now-defunct Blackberry 10 platform.

    The app allowed a short break between two work sessions, and a long break after configurable number of work sessions. A user could also configure the duration of the work session, short and long breaks. The alert sound for each of them could also be configured.

  • Hajj Umra Travel Management


    Implemented software to manage passenger bookings. Features include autofeeding passport data through scanning devices; passenger list management; passenger blood relation management; automation to feed entries into Saudi Arabia's official Hajj website, etc.


  1. M.Sc. (Information Technology)


    Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology

  2. B.Sc. (Information Technology)


    J.P. Dawer Institute of Information Science and Technology


I have worked remotely for most of my career. I think accountability, transparency and communication skills on my part as a remote worker are as much important as my technical skills and experience. Following testimonials from my freelancing profile showcases all of the above.

“I think one of the most important qualities of a contractor on odesk is their ability and effort in communicating. Jayesh's communication exceeded my expectations, and then some!

Almost as important is the willingness for the contractor to work through issues as the project is ongoing. No project is perfectly understood at the beginning--it requires both the contractor and the project manager to be flexible and able to incorporate new information. Jayesh is both. [...]”

“Jayesh did a great job with his work. I plan on hiring him again for future projects. He is also very good at English, and stays in communication. We had a number of unforeseen issues come up throughout the project and he had the flexibility and knowledge to tackle them all. Great job Jayesh!”

“Person of their word, reliable and extremely pleased 5 stars doesn't describe it well enough Odesk might need to consider implementing 6's!”

“Excellent comprehension skills and strong integrity. A++++”

“Jayesh is hard working, pays attention to details and is smart. He completed my project with high quality and I enjoyed working with him. Will definitely hire him again.”